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PAXEXBBX is a free blogging and social media script. Easy to install and use. By building an online community with this script, you can reward anyone for sharing their voice, PAXEXBBX is redefining the world of social media, and is quickly building a growing social economy as the owner and user of the blog benefit.

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PAXEXBBX - Features

Admin Panel.
User Dashboard
Quick Posting
Hot, Trending, Featured Topics Category
Admin Advert Manager
Chat Box
Traffic Counter
Likes Feature
Currency Wallet
Moderator Settings
Thread Manager

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How to Install PAXEXBBX

1. Download and unzip PAXEXBBX script from download link
2. Create an account on and get your API credentials here
3. Upload PAXEXBBX script to web folder and visit your blog for the first time
4. Fill all necessary server and your blog or forum details, hit submit and your new shinny website is ready to rock and roll


Blog With Class

Sit back and relax and allow the power of the internet power your blog. Get users to post on your blog and reward them with PAXEX
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